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Services and advantages

Area Perfuming

WP 20160309 006 copyPerfume your store easily with low cost and high quality with the monthly or bimonthly air antalaktiko1freshener and oil for diffuser. Choose from a wide range of fragrances (neutral, sweet, fresh, fruity, mysterious) which covers every taste.
The device is offered as a loan. Contact us for more information.



Toilet Disinfection

Απολύμανση Τουαλέτας

Feel safe in your professional toilet with the new bio enzymatic toilet disinfection technology. The disinfection and cleaning of the toilet area are key parameters of the image of the store formed by the client. Even in areas that disinfection is not in a legal context, a safe and clean space adds value.


  • Disinfection
  • Cleaning
  • Preventing the tartar creation
  • Odor inactivation
  • Perfuming

The device is offered as a loan. Contact us for more information.

Insect repulsion

Εντομοαπώθηση ΧώρουOne very effective way to get rid of the flies and every other flying insect is to place a repellent in your store.

The Net Professional’s insect repellent fulfills all the quality controls and is recognized by the Ministry of Rural Development and Food. It consists of 100% natural pyrethrins, which comes from the chrysanthemum, also known as daisy, and it doesn’t cause health problems to people.

Suitable for places that sell or manufacture food. It is certified by the Ministry of Rural Development and Food, the certification is given to the shopkeeper by placing the diffuser. So check thoroughly as shopkeeper what you use for your own safety and health.

The device is offered as a loan.

* The choice of the exact spot where the device will be placed, is made by the shopkeeper and always according to the requirements of current legislation. Contact us for more information.

Odor elimination – Air sanitation

Αδρανοποίηση οσμών – Εξυγίανση ΑέραDisable bad odor in your business with a product that provides Natural Eucalyptus which ecologically fights pathogenic microbes, bacteria, fungi responsible for most hospital-acquired infections.

Ideal for laboratory and hospital facilities, clinics, institutions, schools, hotels, shops, pharmacies, homes, offices, etc. Recent studies have shown that the Eucalyptus offers: disinfectant, antibiotic and antimicrobial characteristics.

The device is offered as a loan.

Contact us for more information.

Health Care Service Devices

Use the service devices (cream soap equipment, antiseptic gel, hand towel, toilet paper) we offer for your business and save money. Consumable devices are long-lasting, manufactured to the highest quality standards. The devices are available on loan (conditional)

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