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New Products

Anti-bakt (Disinfection Product)

product1Cleans and disinfects every surface and kills microbes and bacteria.
Typical applications:

  • Kitchen
  • Bathroom
  • Office
  • Toilet
  • Floor

Package: Bottle 710ml or 4lt
Use: Spray on the surface, wait for few minutes and wipe with a cloth or paper.

Bio Plus (Sanitizing uric acids and odor)

BioPlusThe BioPlus ™ sanitizing liquid Uric Acid & toilet Odor, provides deodorizing, cleaning and consolidation outside and inside the toilet & ureter. Spraying just around the toilet and inside the toilet, neutralizes ammonia and all the pathogenic bacteria that create odors, keeping the toilet pH within normal limits in order to avoid the recurrence of the same problem. It is also used for pet deodorizing. APPLICATIONS: Spray evenly on surfaces, particularly in areas prone to infections. For best results, spray and leave it .The NEUTRAL pH will not hurt polished and shiny surfaces.

Package: Bottle 500ml or 1lt
Use: Spray on the surface, wait for few minutes and wipe with a cloth or paper.


PanKill (Pesticide against walking insects)

The powerful pesticide with approval from the Ministry of Rural Development and Food, is the safe solution for every professional area. PanKill
The active ingredient of insecticidal bifenthrine kills insects and mites, by contact or ingestion.

The formulation is prepared in microcapsule 9 form (the active ingredient encapsulated in polymer microspheres 5mm diameter), so that:

  1. increases the insecticidal activity period up to 6 months
  2. doesn’t act as an repellent to the insects thus sit on sprayed surfaces and killed.
  3. reduces the applicator’s exposure to the active substance and does not cause irritation.
  4. doesn’t grime or stain the surfaces where it is applied.

Package: Bottle 500ml

Houses, public spaces, commercial spaces, mattresses, beds, animal storage cages spaces frequented by pets, green spaces (alleys, bushes and ornamental plants, lawns).


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