Hygiene Systems

NetProfessional offers complete solutions of hygiene services for your business area.

Toilet Disinfection

Feel safe and comfortable in your toilet area, due to the NetProfessional’s complete hygiene and perfuming system.

Air fresheners for stores and other areas

Perfuming each area with special fragrances for euphoria and relaxation.

Professional Scent Solutions

Scents and perfumes can cause emotional reactions and bring back memories.

Scent Marketing Applications

Get your professional scent brand in your area. An average person remembers a scent accurately 65% for a whole year.

Insect repellence for stores and other areas

Get rid of every flying insect, flies, mosquitos etc.

Detergents and paper products

Wide variety of detergents, paper products and device accessories

Enzymes and Biological Purification

Eco-friendly cleaning products with bioenzymatic action for quality biological cleaning and odour inactivation on surfaces, mattress, sofa, or hotel rooms.

Pest control

Smart solutions for efficient pest control with easy to use and low cost products

Indoor and Outdoor Rugs

Create the indoor/outdoor rug you like

Integrated Professional Cleaning and Hygiene Systems

The company NET PROFESSIONAL Health Interest Company provides
  • Integrated Hygiene Services
  • Commercial Fragrancing Services
  • Injection of Space
  • Air Purification and Sanitation System
  • Specialised Detergents and Enzymes
  • Biological purification products
  • Stationery
  • Disinfectant Carpets.
It has become a reliable partner in maintaining clean and high quality toilet facilities in thousands of businesses and industries.It has a stable growth path in recent years and credibility in Greek businesses, constantly earning the trust and respect of its customers by providing reliable, functional, and competitive services.

Integrated Fragrance and Disinfection Solutions
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