NetProfessional 'sair fresheners are recognized throughout Greece, successfully perfume interiors such as workplaces, offices, hotels, clothing and footwear stores, electrical appliances, catering, hairdressing salons, pet shops, hospitals, care facilities, toilets, as well as various private and public buildings.

Our company, with the manufacture of our quality aromatics, undertakes to offer your space a unique sense of aromatic well-being, self-confidence, giving the olfactory character of your logo and your store. In this way, many studies have proven that you capture your branding in your consumer's subconscious, increasing sales dramatically. In addition, in case of bad smell, it removes the unpleasant smell from your space giving you a pleasant interior space.

Regardless of the industry in which they operate, it has been proven that businesses that use air fresheners in their interior space are very satisfied with the results in both the areas of customer confidence and increased revenue levels.

Nowadays aromatic spaces stimulate memories, memories influence emotions, emotions determine our mood and our reaction. It is a real experience that we offer to all our customers. Add value to your space and use room fragrances to add sophistication and a luxurious experience, having an emotional, mood and behavioural impact on your customer.

Perfuming devices

Perfume diffusion by spraying

  • Coverage of small and medium spaces (coverage per device up to 60m2)
  • Perfume dispersion duration 30 or 60 days (depending onm2)
  • Application from a height of 2.20 - 2.50 metres and above
  • Perfume application via electronic scheduling
  • Maintained and applied by a specially trained technician No power supply needed, only 2 alkaline batteries A/A or D
  • Possibility of a wide variety of fragrances, individual fragrances that will make you unique in your kind.

Spray Perfume diffusion by spraying

See the list of our fragrances.

Digital Atmo Spirit Diffuser with
Scent Marketing and Scent Branding

Essential oil atomizing apparatus with high pressure air supply or atmospheric olfactory perfuming apparatus.

  • Covering large to very large spaces (from 60m2 to 1500m2)
  • Application from any height
  • Perfume application via electronic scheduling
  • Maintained and applied by a specially trained technician
  • Power supply needed
  • Remote adjustment & operation
  • Creation of personal & olfactory fragrance through the specialized department for Scent Branding & Scent Marketing

Diffusion Perfumes

See the list of our fragrances.

* For us, every approach to fragrance perception and every thought of a prospective owner or brands, is a trigger for a unique and completely personal smell in their space. Contact us so that a professional can be found to provide you with a personal experience at your location.

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