NET PROFESSIONAL is a hygiene Interest company that provides integrated Health Services - Rodentification - Detergents - Stationery - Mats Disinfectants.

Net Professional is a manufacture and importing company. Net Professional has become a reliable partner in maintaining clean and high standard washroom facilities to thousands of business establishments and industry. With the steady growth and reliability in Greek enterprises over the last few years, Net Professional is constantly winning the trust and the respect of its clients by providing reliable, functional, and competitive services.

With a very environmentally-friendly contents, Net Professional offers a complete range of bio-cleaning and hygiene products, and services that pleases washroom users. Calfarme 's (which is represented Greece, in Cyprus and the Balkans by Net Professional) packages are also designed to meet any establishment's cost-benefit expectations

Net Professional has a complete world-class product range that includes automatic toilet & drain maintainers, soap dispensers, organic air fresheners, metered aerosol systems for air sanitizing, insect and odor control, toilet tissue dispensers, automatic dispensers for toilet seat cleansing or waterless hand sanitizing, anti-slip protective floor mats and sanitary disposal bins

NetProfessional 's dispensers and equipment are designed to be reliable, functional, cost-effective and very easy to maintain. Available together with Calfarme's product range are consumable materials and refills which include natural organic gels for air freshening, aerosol fragrances and insect control products, quality liquid soap, foam wash, body and hair shampoo products.

Bio-enzymatic formulations are also produced by Calfarme for cleaning and maintenance applications. Calfarme has pioneered this particular aspect of biotechnology for washroom hygiene, cleaning and odor control.

Calfarme's knowhow in cleaning technology has led the company to develop a wide range of products that are used outside of washrooms. Now used for special building and facilities maintenance needs, these products are also cater to the household consumer market.

NetProfessional is the only fully integrated company in washroom hygiene that does its own in-house research and product development, manufacturing, marketing and runs its services as well as franchise operations. Such capabilities equip NetProfessional with superior cost competitiveness and unequalled flexibility in responding to market needs.Our company applies quality management systems that are certified by the EOF for disinfection <of surfaces, toilet, air fresheners.>It covers global the hygiene of the toilet and provides integrated solutions for the needs of the workplace on the part of the disinfection and deodorization. Having achieved the ISO 9001: 2000 and ISO 14001: 2004 certification covering designed, manufacture and supply operations, quality comes first to Calfarme with a responsive and caring service philosophy.

Our priority is the absolute satisfaction of the customer, which is achieved through the continuous stock of products, prompt shipment of goods and competitive prices which are offered by the company

For all these our customers have rewarded us with an unbeatable reputation for our services , our high quality service , our exemplary reliability and their satisfaction of their needs.

We are proud to introduce Calfarme's exciting range of bio-cleaning and hygiene products that truly satisfying customer needs, truly innovative and truly world-class.

OUR COMPANY is always available to the client.