NetProfessioinal with its specialized department  of research and development of innovative  products have created innovations that are placed in the automatic  dosing devices inside  stores and with your corresponding product will help the consumer to fight  odor problems very quickly and effectively. These products are suitable for all professional spaces. Restaurants, Grills, Fish Taverns, Fish Shops, Butchers,  Accommodation, Hotels,  Offices etc.


Cigarette Odour Inactivation

Ideal service for all areas and especially for areas where there are cigarette smells. It suppresses all bad cigarette odors and any bad smell, leaving a unique feeling in the room.

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Kitchen Odor Lock

An ideal service to combat bad odours from your restaurant kitchen and areas where frying and baking smells arise.

Very easily and efficiently it will take over to release bad odours from professional kitchens. Get rid of the bad smells quickly and inactivate them.

Elixir For Love

Ideal service to create a pleasant environment in your professional space , looking for an elixir that will characterize them !!!
After research we have created an appealing combination of fragrances designed to give you attractive notes of stimulation and well-being in both men and women.

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* Our services are also offered with misting devices - atmospheric.

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