NetProfessional provides solutions to each customer individually. It offers you four different hygiene solutions to meet the needs of each individual customer.

The solutions we offer are four:
  • BioClean Concentrated Toilet Maintainer
    The most innovative product in the world with the largest research conducted in Singapore and America , for its fast action and effectiveness of cleaning and sanitizing with Bioenzymes, which aims to eliminate pathogenic problems inside toilets. Bio Clean has the most recognized certifications worldwide. A pleasant natural lemon scent along with the patented bioenzyme composition, undertake to inactivate odours of impure materials and eliminate residues in your toilet without causing dullness and colour deposits on the enamel of your toilet.
    It also cleans salts and their deposits reducing periodic costs from additional cleaning.
  • Green Clean Toilet Freshener
    Specially formulated biodegradable high foaming product to offer visitors to the toilets a sense of cleanliness with a pleasant aroma of wild lemon.
  • Bio Clean Toilet Freshener
    Superconcentrated biodegradable high foaming product with blue color giving the perception of the blue sea with delicate pine & cedar scent, cleans deeply and gives the visitors of the toilets the feeling of freshness. This product offers you long lasting up to 60 days with an innovative 600ml formula.
  • Antibacterial Universal
    Powerful disinfectant biocide - cleaner for all uses suitable for private and public places. It can be used in sanitary areas, restaurants, hospitals, schools, gyms, workbenches, refrigerators, floors and generally any surface that requires disinfection and cleaning.

* Use biocidal products in a safe way.

Net Professional Disinfection & Toilet Cleaning Means to us:

  • Unique sense of security and cleanliness
  • Specialized installation and study of your bathroom
  • Reduced cost of use (30 or 60 days depending on the spare part)
  • Innovative 600ml formula for long lasting durability
  • Ecological products with respect to the environment and people
  • Elimination of odours from their source

The toilet disinfection and cleaning device offers you:

  • Maintained and applied by a trained technician
  • Operates with 2 alkaline C batteries
  • No power supply needed
  • Application directly to the toilet flush
  • Coverage of all types of WC
  • Dosimetric control of concentrated detergents and disinfectants
  • Cleaning - Disinfection application via electronic scheduling

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