Disinfecting Foot Mats


Disinfecting Foot Mat 90 keeps hygienic areas free of Contamination. DFMat is an ultimate solution for disinfection/sanitation footwear’s (shoes, boots) as well as vehicle tires and keeping sensitive hygienic areas free of contamination of microorganisms. This mat is designed to be placed Outside and Inside at the entrance or exits / driveways of different buildings and premises in Agriculture (Hatcheries, Poultry Barns, Hog Farms, Dairy Farms, Greenhouses, Mushroom’s production units), Food Industry (Slaughterhouses, Food Processors, Dairy processors, Fish Hatcheries and processors), Pharmaceutical Industry and Transportation (sanitation/disinfection truck tires, disinfection shoes – passenger stairs, ect.).

5 Reasons to use Disinfection Foot Mat:

  1. Universal applicator for use with different disinfectants.
  2. Efficient use of disinfectant – min 75% less disinfectant than standard foot baths.
  3. For indoors & outdoors in all Agri & Food Processing premises.
  4. Non-splashing of disinfectant solution.
  5. Withstand heavy loads.