Hotel Marketing or Aromatic Hotel Marketing


Hotel Marketing or Aromatic Hotel Marketing

Nowadays Aromatic Hotel Marketing is very basic.

Many hotels try to correct the style or raise the rating of their review, creating a beautiful aesthetic decoration or offer some additional facilities to their customer, but unfortunately this is not enough.

Hotel Marketing, however, is not that!

To increase the advantages and create a branding that will be unforgettable to your customer in addition to everything you offer in the hotel eg (beautiful decoration, rich breakfast, pleasant staff, swimming pool, sauna, Turkish bath, massage, etc. .a.) now you should give the feeling of welcome with the exclusive smell of your hotel, both in the common area of ​​the lobby to the aromatic feeling that the guest will receive entering the room or the suite that will relax.

Many hotels from the excessive use of chemicals spoil the biological network of the hotel and the sewage that exists in the network, creates odors in the bathrooms of rooms or common areas.
As a result, the customer leaves a bad Cretan for the hotel.
NetProfessional & Scent Aroma will help you eliminate any problem and give a definitive solution to your problems.

With all of the above, I would like to tell you that many things are what will determine the feeling that your customer will get, in order to give you the final 10΄ (very happy).
Remember that studies have shown that a very happy customer will definitely talk about your hotel at least 10 times to people who are considering a similar vacation in your area, as well as will remember your hospitality for over 1 year.

Also a very good Aromatic Hotel Marketing, is on the last day of your client, to make a gift to the couple from the hotel along with a farewell letter, offering two decorative pillows scented with the scent of your hotel and a scented candle with the personal scent of your lobby, to decorate the interior of their home.

As your customer will open your farewell gift ¨ telling him that you will be waiting for him again ου excited by all your service but also by all that he lived through the days of his hospitality, you will get the best review and you will have a very good one rating for your hotel.

Also the fragrant gifts you make will decorate his house, to give reasons for further comment by guests and friends of the couple as well as to recall in their minds, the beautiful hospitality they enjoyed at your hotel.

Experience the benefits of Scent Marketing in your area.