How can I reduce the cost of cleaning my business? New beard bio souvenir products to save on cleaning costs!


The new generation of biotechnology products and bio clothing is here !!

Meet the new products that can clean and inactivate any forms of dirt that cause bad breath !!

These new products are 100% ecological, assimilated quickly by the environment.
Due to the fact that they are made with bio enzymes, you get a much better application in cleaning wherever the products are used. By using at most two of our products, it is enough to clean all the cleaning points in your space, in contrast to chemical products that you would use to clean your space at least 6 different cleaners.

It is time to protect the environment but also to safeguard our money.
Bio Plus, Enzyma, Odor Lock are suitable to help you forget all the simple conventional cleaning methods and finish with one product several jobs of your hotel or your home.

These products are award-winning and certified for value for money to deliver fast results by eliminating bacterial odors over many surfaces or even in sewer pipes, grease traps or cesspools.

We will give you some extra examples for different places will help you not to have smells and problems in your spaces.


  • After each bath cleaning it is advisable to use BioPlus or Enzyma in the chiffon. Surfactants for deodorizing tiles and surrounding areas of the toilet, spray with Odor Lock or BioPlus
  • For the room or the living room after the general cleaning with BioPlus and for spraying locally on all its surfaces, throw curtains and corridors with Odor Lock.
  • BioPlus & Odor Lock can be used as a multi-cleaner on all surfaces
  • For cleaning Urinary Tract in surfaces or tiles or areas such as toilets.
    We need to know that cleaning with chlorine cleaners creates compound chemicals and increases the problem, so avoid products that have a chlorine content, such as bleach. Do not use bleach under any circumstances !! It will make things a lot harder. Clean the wet area with dirty materials and use a liquid soap to clean the surface. Then spray and clean with BioPlus and a stiff brush cleaning the pores and joints in the tiles or marble. After wiping the surface, spray and leave with Odor Lock. Repeat daily or day after day
  • To clean the air conditioner, clean the air conditioner filters with Bio Plus or Odor Lock, rinse the filters with plenty of water and then spray the element with Bio Plus or Odor Lock. If you have heavy grease on the battery, replace the BioPlus with the Enzyma product.
  • To deactivate odors in bins or trash cans, Install on the sprinkler or Fogger. Insert the correct proportions of Bio Plus or Odor Lock product and generously spray surfaces, bins, machines, conveyor belts and where necessary. If you have heavy grease on the battery, replace the BioPlus with the Enzyma product.
  • For biological cleaning of car seats, beds, carpets & boat cushions etc.
    Spray the product on the desired area with Bio Plus and clean thoroughly. Use a steam cleaner or vacuum cleaner if you want to penetrate deep into the seats or mattresses. Finally, spray the seats with Odor Lock.
  • To maintain a fat collector, place the bio enzymatic fluid maintenance and feedback machine inside the fat collector. Empty depending on the cubic capacity of the fat collector 1 or 2 liters in the fat collector. Place the Bio Plus or Enzyme bio enzymes in the maintenance machine to release a vinous amount of enzymes during the day to reduce odor and oils.
  • To clean the sewer system of hotel businesses and shops, place the Enzyma or BioPlus product in all chiffon and floor drains to inactivate and unblock your sewer from organic waste materials. Daily when cleaning the rooms pour 50ml of product in all chiffon.
    It would be good to thoroughly clean the floorboards from dirty materials and then throw the product away.
    You should throw this product daily or every other day. All the process should take about two months. Then periodically once or twice a week spray with a solution of bioenzymes in the chiffon.
  • Also suitable for rodenticides for deodorization of dead animals that have decomposed in areas or behind machinery or suspended ceilings and drywall.
  • These products are used by special teams that undertake to clean areas where there has been decomposition of corpses.For any question or any problem you do not hesitate to ask us.

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