Hygienic Toilet Seat


S3500 Hygienic Toilet Seat
The cleanest seat

Guaranteeing a clean toilet seat for every use.

The sensor-activated S3500 hygienic toilet seat allows restroom users to sit on the toilet comfortably without worrying about the traces left behind by other people. These traces can include skin cells, germs, blood, human waste and more. An ultra-thin polyethylene film called Hygoplast covers the seat ring with each activation of the touch-free sensor to provide an untouched and sterile surface to sit on.

  • Always a clean toilet seat
  • Soft and skin-friendly plastic film covers the comfortable toilet seat with each sensor activation
  • Easy to change disposables
  • Lower carbon footprint than covering a toilet seat with paper
  • Easily installed on almost any toilet
  • Available in battery or power transformer version
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