Information about cleaning and disinfection each store


Our company provides you with news and information about Air fresheners, the area Insect Disinfestation and the cleaning of the WC.

It also provides a complete study for cleaning each store, we supply program of daily and weekly cleaning of your room and tells you all the necessary conditions that must be provided in order to be lawful in all control of sanitary protection.

After you have completed the study and have gone to the realization for all the EFET asks as reference detergents and cleaning in the right way we will give you the book of cleaning and public hygiene which reports fully what is to be taken care from every shopkeeper.

Our company undertakes to properly update our client and secures a sincere cooperation and compliance with the standars for the cleaning.

Our listed products meet all the Licenses and safety data for cleaning programs so that there is not a problem with Audit Agency (EFET).