Olfactory is the most powerful human sense


Olfactory is the most powerful human sense. A smell can take us away, to awaken emotions and affect our behavior.
a smell can
• create pictures
• be imprinted indelibly in our memory
• be connected to situations we experience
• cause over three sequential emotions

The sense of smell is never “asleep” while it possesses the ability to recall.
studies have shown that:
• 75% of our thoughts are affected by the smell
• 90% of the taste that we perceive is the effect of smell
• 83% of the information that people retain is taken by smell
• 75% of the emotions are caused by the smell
• 80% of men and 90% of women report that smells bring back memories and lead to emotional decisions
Marketers have 2.5 seconds at their disposal to communicate their message to consumer, while the smell takes only one second to reflect on his mind

The smells, due to their direct effects on the limbic system of the brain – responsible for producing emotions and memory recordings – constitutes an excellent “tool” for creating impressions to all
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Download the prospect
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Download the prospect
downalod pdf