What exactly is Scent Marketing;


Direct access to the subconscious in 1 second
Scent Marketing is the study, analysis, identification and implementation of the appropriate multi-purpose fragrances that will enhance consumers’ emotional bond to the brand. Scent Marketing constitutes an essential pillar of communication strategy for every successful business.


  • Differentiation from competition
  • Consumers’ longer stay in a place
  • Emotional bonding with customers
  • Easy Brand awareness
  • Multiple applications of the fragrance for the benefit of the consumer

scent eikona
Studies have proven that targeted multi-purpose fragrances have a positive effect on buying decisions:

Fragrance: a selling tool
Advertisements and strong visual stimuli often cause a sense of confusion to consumers. The use of a targeted fragrance will instantly captivate consumers’ attention, enhancing the creation of feelings and affecting their mood.

Fragrance as a promotion tool

We can enhance the promotional activity of a product by deciding on the fragrance that will accompany it. We participate in the time and duration specific promotion of products and services with the implementation of different methods.

  • We create multiple fragrance zones is a place
  • We create the fragrance that the product participating in the promotional activity will be identified with
  • We offer advance technologies for the implementation of promotional activities
  • We offer area coverage of 30m2 to 100.000m2
  • We offer an implementation period of 1′ up to several months

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