null• 100% green, biological based
• Low VOC Certified (Clean Air Choices Cleaner Product)
• Effectively seeks out organic wastes
• Inhibits growth of pathogenic bacteria
• Clears and maintains drainage pipes
• Eliminates sources of most offensive odours
• Removes the food source for pests including ants, cockroaches &
bleeding of flies

• Dramatically reduces BOD, COD, TSS and CO2
• Non‐toxic to humans and animals, biodegradable, non‐acidic, non‐caustic and guaranteed non‐pathogenic strains

Safe, Effective and Environmentally‐Friendly
BIO PLUS® is 100% Green, more effective and sustainable alternative to conventional disinfecting chemical cleaning solutions.

Multipurpose Bio‐Cleaning ‐ ODOR FREE
A powerful biological cleaning formula that acts on organic wastes, disease causing bacteria and eliminates the source of most obnoxious odours.

Spray & Wipe ‐ STREAK FREE
BIO PLUS® clean all surfaces through spray and wipe or mop method. After cleaning, rinse cloth or mop with clean water and squeeze it thoroughly before hanging up to dry. Neutral pH will not harm polished or shine coated surfaces.

BIO PLUS® Multipurpose Biological‐base Cleaner & Deodorizer

Clean All Surfaces ‐ CONTAMINANT FREE
BIO PLUS® clean all floors, toilets fixtures, urinals, mirror/ window, carpets, sofa/upholstery, drain and grease trap. BIO PLUS® reaches deeper into most surfaces, floor grout, cracks, crevices and corners that cannot be cleaned by conventional methods and protects cleaned surfaces with durable and lasting residual protection against new contaminants (including pests such
as dust mites, bed bugs, fleas, ants, cockroaches and other crawling insects).

UL Environments’ ECOLOGO® Certified
Certification No: 84556‐4270
UL 2792 ‐ 2012 Standard for Sustainability for Cleaning and Degreasing
Compounds: Biologically‐based.

BIO PLUS® Multipurpose Biological‐based Cleaner and Deodorizer

Simplify your cleaning and cut your facility chemical cleaning budget, BIO PLUS® is only single cleaning product solution you need which is superior to any other green cleaner on the market today!

BIO PLUS® save you all the resources such as water, labour and costs giving you a sustainable edge over your competitors. More and more building owners/managers, janitorial suppliers and cleaning service contractors are using the benefits of BIO PLUS® Green Certified Biologically‐based Cleaner & Deodorizer to promote and market their own green efficiencies (and only Calfarme BIO PLUS®) to eradicate dirt, grime, germs, moulds & mildew and odours— and to do it in an ecologically friendly, “GO‐GREEN” manner!

BIO PLUS® is 100% Greener, CACC Certified “Clean Air Choices Cleaner’ Low VOC and UL Environment’s ECOLOGO® Certified Bio‐Cleaning Product for Reducing Environmental Impact.

Biological Cleaners versus Traditional Disinfectants
Green Biological Cleaners are superior to traditional chemical disinfectants. Disinfectants treat initial surface contaminants, but do not protect from new contaminants which reproduce pathogenic bacteria immediately. In contrast, BIO PLUS® eradicates bacteria immediately and continues to eliminate any new bacteria contaminants thereafter.

EPA Release Test Results:
The EPA (“Environment Protection Agency”) release test results from a 24‐month study conducted by the European Centre of Disease Control, Biological Cleaners have proven to reduce pathogenic bacteria, specifically Staphylococcus aureus, Clostridium difficile and Candida albicans on hard surfaces in a hospital environment.

Test Results on Biological Cleaners:
Result: Biological Cleaning, as part of the daily cleaning procedures resulted in a 50 to 90% reduction in pathogenic bacteria.
Conclusion: This case study indisputably emphasized the finding that biological cleaning is a more effective, safe and sustainable alternative to chemical based cleaners and disinfectants.
DIRECTIONS FOR USE: Dilute 1 part BIO PLUS® Concentrate to 20 parts water minimum or 25ml to 500ml water to fill up in sprayer bottle. For Spray Mop/Light Cleaning: Dilute 1:40 with water, 25ml (2 capful) to
1 litre potable water.


  • All floors
  • Urinals and Toilet Basins
  • Mirrors and Window Glass
  • Sofas and Wallpapers
  • Table top
  • Air conditioners
  • Trash can
  • Sink and Sewer
  • Bathroom, Mold on walls
  • Car wash without water
  • Pest Control
  • Pet Odor Control

BIO PLUS® Multipurpose Biological‐based Cleaner & Deodorizer

Biologically‐based Products Contributes To:

  • Rating Systems/Sustainable Credits
  •  LEED v4 ‐ Operations & Maintenance
  •  EQ Credit 7: Green Cleaning – Products & Materials :
  •  WELL v2 Pilot
  •  X09 Cleaning Products and Protocol Part 1 :

Safe and multi‐functional BIO PLUS® acts on organic wastes, disease causing bacteria, cleans all surfaces and eliminates the source of most obnoxious odors. Replaces all other disinfectants and chemical products saving you water, labor and costs.

Surface cleaner & deodorizer: Use BIO PLUS® 1 : 20 dilution to clean walls and all other surfaces through spray method and wipe or mop. For best result, spray on or leave overnight if required. Neutral pH will not harm polished or shine coated surfaces.

For washroom and toilet surfaces or refuse bins: Add 25 ml to 50 ml BIO PLUS® into 500 ml bottle sprayer with water and apply uniformly, particularly on areas where spills can occur and floor underneath the urinal bowls.

ANTI‐STREAKING! Ideal for cleaning glass/window cleaner, mirror, glass top table, chrome/stainless steel and car interior/waterless exterior wash etc.

Carpet, upholstery & fabric: Add 50 ml BIO PLUS® to every 10 liters of mixed cleaning solution or add 25 ml to 50 ml BIO PLUS® with 500 ml water and apply with sprayer to soak until spot or odor has been eliminated. Repeat application if necessary.

Odor control: Dilute BIO PLUS® up to 20 parts with water to spray and mop on floors, refuse containers, sanitary systems or other surfaces and do not rinse. (For Bin Washing /Rinse: dilute 50 ml with every 10 liters water or dilute BIO PLUS® up to 200 parts with water.

Drain & grease trap maintenance: Dilute 1 part BIO PLUS® Concentrate to 3 parts water. BIO PLUS® works best when allowed to work uninterrupted or overnight when minimum drain water is discharged. For slow drains, pour 250 ml to 500 ml of BIO PLUS® solution directly into each drain, kitchen sink, shower, lavatory, or commode with preferably warm water to activate the product and let stand overnight. Repeat in two or three days. (If drain have not improved, check for obstruction) Maintenance dosage: Add 250 ml BIO PLUS® solution every 2 weeks into each drain opening. For grease trap, add 500ml to 1 liter BIO PLUS® solution daily into kitchen drain at the end of work.

Septic system treatment: BIO PLUS® Concentrate is easy to apply to the septic system, use 1 liter BIO PLUS® Concentrate for normal working septic system once a month (for each 1,000 kg of tank capacity to keep septic system trouble free between pumping) applied through the toilet, sink drain or convenient drain near the septic tank.
Portable toilets & buses, camping‐cars, caravans, trains, aircrafts and marine holding tanks: Ready‐to‐use, use 1 liter minimum for every 200 liters of wastewater to be treated. Holding tanks must be completely free from previously used toilet chemicals.

For more information on the BIO PLUS® Concentrate & Multipurpose Biological‐based Cleaner & Deodorizer, please contact your nearest account representative.



Product: BIO PLUS® Multipurpose Biological‐based Cleaner & Deodorizer

1. Alkyl poly glycoside CAS No: 68515‐73‐1 15
2. Proprietary Bacteria Spore Blend CAS No: NA
3. Isopropanol CAS No: 67‐63‐0 5
4. Essential oils/Fragrance CAS No: NA
5. Water CAS No: 7732‐18‐5

Quality Assurance: This product has been tested for the following organisms:
1. Salmonella Negative
2. Faecal Coliform Negative
3. Shigella Negative
4. Coagulase positive staphylococci Negative
5. Beta hemolytic streptococci Negative

Physical and chemical properties:
Physical state: Liquid
Colour: Blue
Odour: characteristic pH: 7 ‐ 8
Flash point: > 94°C
Flammability (solid, gas): Non‐flammable
Solubility: Soluble In water

ISO 9001:2015 & ISO 14001:2015 Certified
U.S FDA Registered Establishment (ID/FEI: 3014275859)
UL Environments’ ECOLOGO® Certified (Cert No: 84530‐4270) CACC Certified (Clean Air Choices Cleaner Product)

BIOPLUS® is safe and multifunctional, removes odors biologically, cleans all surfaces and replaces all other disinfectants and chemicals – saving you water, labor and costs.

BIO PLUS® is a 100% green biological based cleaning product ‐ Low VOC Cleaner, CACC Certified (Clean Air
Choices Cleaner Product) and UL Environments’ ECOLOGO® certified for reducing environmental impact.

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