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What is the commercial application of aromatics marketing?

In fact, many people do not understand the perfume industry, we get to the simple next perfume is from which the industry grows, The primary thing to do is to contact Netprofessional & Scent Aroma, a top perfume marketing company, to create a fragrance for you you, fragrance marketing has been widely used in hotels, malls, entertainment venues, jewelers, clothing & shoe stores, commercial real estate, home, and in many industries don. The American researcher Mitchell suggested that the use of perfume by traders mainly focuses on the following two levels: First, the combination of product characteristics, product selection and testing with perfume marketing. Some businesses promote consumers’ desire to buy by optimizing the flavor of their products. For example, in daily skin care products to add fruit, flowers fragrance, cause the special situation emotional state of the consumer. Starbucks, known for its shopping experience, requires a coffee flavor and aroma.
Second, the fragrance marketing and sales environment is combined. For certain odorless products or services, such as clothes, hotels, banks, etc., retailers can be in the retail environment by spraying a specific scent, creating a correspondingly ideal shopping atmosphere to improve consumer quality recognition. brand and products and services, thereby achieving the sales promotion objective. For example, the 1996 Royal Hotel opened in Osaka, Japan, with the smell of the roof reminiscent of the Mediterranean atmosphere. Thomas Picker, a luxury retailer in the United Kingdom, has also developed a personalized scouting franchise, placing a refined fragrance in New York, San Francisco, Boston, at new San Francisco stores when customers enter the store a new, pure cotton feel. And this kind of olfactory excitement creates Scent Marketing of his business, thereby letting the customer do well in a beautiful environment with an attractive sense of shopping the services he wants while simultaneously copying that feeling into the nervous system, identifying what makes him moment with the aroma you add to it. This way it will recall the brand much faster and you will remember it for a much longer time.

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